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Incubation Cell

Incubation Cell


AITS, one of the most forwarding thinking and innovative educational institutions, is proud to start an incubation center to enable its students get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship, promote innovation driven activities at the institute and provide comprehensive and integrated range of support including space, mentoring, training programs, networking and an array of other benefits.


Just as one cannot imagine a college today without a library or a place for physical activity, we believe that an incubation center is equally essential in today’s competitive and fast changing world. Through the incubation center, students gain hands-on experience in innovation and entrepreneurship while being nurtured and encouraged by faculty, management and industry experts.


The AITS Incubation Center, along with the SVA Group, aims to be the hub of innovative and high impact ventures in social, educational, commercial and other domains. It hopes to bring forth a revolution in how and what students learn and achieve while in college.


To bring this innovative Incubation Centre to you, AITS is partnering with SVA, an organization committed deeply to help students reach their highest aspirations. The SVA management team has years of experience working in some of the largest and most successful global organizations and has been part of the following entrepreneurial initiatives:


• Started and run their own ventures in India
• Helped to create incubation centers


The AITS Incubation Centre seeks to support all members of the Aravali ecosystem to translate innovation into products, processes and services that are commercially viable.


Admission to the Incubation center is open to:

1. Faculty and Staff (Current) including Adjunct faculty
2. Students (Current and Alumni <2 years)


The scope of support is envisaged to be broad-based and covers technologies/ IP developed wholly at the institute or partly through collaborations elsewhere. The AITS will also be open to considering proposals with strong social and strategic impact.

Incubation Process and Support Available

Selection Process:

  1. Submit an e-application form to incubation@aravalicollege.org  Applications will be accepted semi-annually in March and October.
  2. Screening by AITS Committee (Proposals are examined with attention to financial, technical and social impact parameters)
  3. Final approval by Incubation committee
  4. Agreement executed to formally commence incubation at AITS,Udaipur
  5. Incubation support is normally offered for 1 year

Post Incubation:
Incubatees may be offered shared space at AITS on a case-by-case basis. AITS will also actively support incubatees with a combination of inputs including

BRANDING : Incubatees may apply for permission to brand themselves as “ AITS incubated company”.


    • Academic Mentors
    • Industry Mentors


    • Engage with incubatees as well as Alumni network to leverage collective knowledge
    • Planned events at AITS, Udaipur
    • Introduction to Investors
    • Training

Contact Us:

Incubation Centre, Aravali Institute of Technical Studies, Udaipur, Rajasthan.
Phone : 9001275999 / 0294-2650131
Email Id: incubation@aravalicollege.org