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For Jharkhand State - AravaliEducation ARAVALI Scholarship & Financial AID Program (2020-2021) | Engineering college in Udaipur | Top college in Rajasthan
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For Jharkhand State

Special Scholarship for Jharkhand State

Post-Matric Scholarships for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and OBC Students in Jharkhand

The Post-Matric Scholarships enable a considerable number of scheduled caste students to obtain post-matriculation and a higher level of education, resulting in their overall educational and economic development. Key points:

  • The scholarships are open to Indian nationals.
  • These scholarships will be given for the study of all recognised post-matriculation or post-secondary courses pursued in recognised institutions.
  • Only those candidates who belong to Scheduled Castes are so specified in relation to the state or union territory to which the applicant actually belongs.