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Message from the Secretary | Engineering College in Udaipur | Providing a platform to Youth | Management & Technical StudiesSecretary - AravaliEducation
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Message from the Secretary

India has been fast emerging as the talent hub for global knowledge economy. At Aravali Institute of Technical Studies, we are conceived and established to bridge the gap between the growing demands of quality professionals and their availability. We are committed to developing leaders in management and technology with the competencies demanded by a rapidly changing complex global business setting. We strive to develop in students, a proactive approach with a story vision and an in-depth understanding of the real-life business through diverse pedagogy, exposures and lot else.

As secretary, it is my privilege to oversee the ongoing development of the group into an effective learning centre with an interdisciplinary perspective committed to making a difference.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our world where life is an experience of change.

N. L. Khetan