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Fresher’s Party

Novelty has been intriguing and fascinating to man since times immemorial. The celebration of Fresher’s party in Aravali Institute of Technical Studies is done with the purpose of welcoming the juniors who represent the same hope and challenge as new players in a cricket team or new twists in a good story. AITS believes that the seniors and the juniors combined can make a terrific team together. Hence, the effort to make them feel welcome includes loads of joy and fun. It is a time when seniors extend a cordial reception to their juniors.


Every beginning has an end. And every end is a new beginning. It is a relentless cycle and in Aravali Institute of Technical Studies, we follow this cycle with full dedication, enthusiasm and pomp and show. The occasion of farewell is celebrated on a grand scale to mark the love of the juniors towards their seniors and as a mark of respect for the contribution by the final year batch in the college. The celebration is in the form of a formal cultural event which is organized by AITSians who are now ready to step out into the big professional world where a bright future awaits them.


Among the many exciting events, the most prestigious occasion was the annual function of AITS. AITS celebrates its annual function as “AROMA”. Aroma means the essence of celebration and jubilation. There is a maximum participation by the students in various cultural programs. They participate with great gusto and enthusiasm. From hilarious comedies, to melodies rendered by soulful voices in the songs, to synchronized rhythmatic movements in the dance, to would – be models elegantly moving down the ramps in the fashion show, the event have all the ingredients to leave the audience spell bound and highly entertained. The functions end with prize distribution ceremony. The prizes are given for the achievements of the students in academic, cultural, sports and other extracurricular activities every year.

Teacher’s Day

On September 5 Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday is celebrated as Teachers day at the AITS premises every year. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan was a philosopher and a great teacher whose contribution toward the Indian education system is undeniable. 5th Sept, 2013 was celebrated as Teachers Day in AITS campus. The arrangements made by the students of AITS were praiseworthy. There were speeches, poem recitation, presentations by the students. Apart from those, students organized many games for faculty members and staff such as chair race, one min game etc. Mementoes were given to all the faculty and staff by the students. It was a real treat and fun day for the teachers.

Women’s Day

International Women’s Day originally called International Working Women’s Day, is marked on March 8 every year. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievements.

Women’s Day at AITS

At the occasion of International women’s day the leading women’s from different arenas of the city were honored at Aravali Institute of Technical Studies. The Chief Guest of today’s function was Dr. Rashmi Bohra, Director, Vardhman Kota Open University and Guest of honors were Dr. Ritu Agrawal, Renowned Radiologist, Mrs. Ragini Sharma, Renowned Lawyer, Mrs. Maya Kumbhat, President, Mahila Samiti, Sister Daniel, N.G.O., Ashadham and Mrs. Bindiya Tank, Police Inspector. Group Director Mr. Hemant Dhabhai and Director Dr. Ashok Jain welcome the guest and honored the guests with Momento in behalf of Aravali Institute. In their speech all the guests had their views and suggestions on women empowerment and betterment. At this occasion AITS organized the Rangoli, Poster and Collage competition. The guests judge these events and motivate the students as well. Finally Dr. Ashok Jain Thanks the guests.