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Facilities at Campus

Facilities at Campus

It has been a long tradition in education that students seeking knowledge leave their parents and start living at another place so as to attain knowledge and wisdom and gradually become a responsible citizen of the country. Quite often, in this process, they feel sad, lonely and home sickness as well. Though these things are not new, it needs to be addressed again and again till the student develops some familiarity with the new surroundings and accepts the unavoidable change. The college has given a deep thought in this regard and developed the modern aesthetically designed hostels in its campus that gives the resident students a feeling of comfort and ambience of home. Needless to say that the College has separate girls and boys hostel facility that meets the moral requirements of the society as well.

Aravali Boys Hostel : 200 (In campus)

Aravali Girls Hostel : 50 (In campus)

Separate wardens for each hostel are appointed that take care of the students in the best possible way. They also have the responsibility of providing counseling to the new students during off college hours. No doubt, they do their duties with utmost zeal and sincerity. The Hostels have excellent standard of living with round-the clock availability of basic facility. The hostel rooms are spacious, well ventilated and well organized. The hostels have outdoor facilities for badminton, volleyball, and indoor facilities for table tennis, carom, chess, T.V., Gym etc.

The Hostel Mess is provided with water purifier, water coolers and other necessary facilities. Special care is taken in preparation of food under hygienic conditions in the Hostel Mess. Ragging in any form is prohibited inside or outside the campus and any student caught indulged in such an activity would be severely punished. All Hostels are Wi-Fi Enabled. The students from all over the India viz. Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, Gujrat and other also live with harmony.


College life is a huge transition to most of the new incoming students. Having to give up all the comforts from home, to live in an apartment is already hard enough, but one of the biggest changes in this new lifestyle these people are entering is in the food. The Cafeteria in the campus not only provides a vibrant atmosphere and unleaded fuel for the day but also is an effective way to put forth a new method called the “Cafeteria approach” where in there is a scope for informal interaction between students and faculty occurs. The culture also promotes learning at ease. We at Aravali try our best to provide quality cafeteria services.


Library is the soul of our educational institution. The Library has been an integral part of academic endeavor in college. Keeping in view intensive and extensive use, the library is being constantly enriched by the acquisition of latest books and journals keeping in pace with changing times, to further the advancement of the University’s academic activities. The College has well stocked library to maintain a high standard of academic excellence.


Health plays an important role in every field of life, so to tone up the bodies of the promising engineers campus hostel maintains of a well-equipped gymnasium. It has many modern types of equipments. The gymnasium will help to aid the physical fitness maintenance of the students. Our gymnasium is equipped with all modern equipments.

Medical and Health Care

AITS has separate First Aid rooms for boys and girls in the institute premises. All students are required to get the Medical Examination done at the time joining the institute. In case of emergency, institute provides vehicle to move any student to nearby Doctor or Hospital. Doctor on call is available for the Hostel Students round the clock.

Seminar Hall & Auditorium

A spacious and fully equipped auditorium with 1000 seating capacity is in the campus where all Extra-curricular activities are organized. AITS also has a seminar hall equipped with the modern amenities and Hi Fidelity Sound system.


The Campus of AITS has been interconnected through Wired as well as Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network. The facilities being provided through these Services are access to internet, intranet, and institution based mail access. The coverage of Wi-Fi is not restricted to classrooms but also extends to common areas like lawns, Auditorium, Library, Cafeteria, Staff Quarters, Guest House, Sports Complex and student hostels.

With this infrastructure, the students of AITS have access to all e-learning material related to academics. In addition, online access to various reference books, journals, international papers has also been made available for the benefit of students. This has enabled AITS to adopt innovative teaching & learning methodologies. AITS has become a role model to other institutions who visit the campus to observe & understand the Wi-Fi setup and its implementations.

Bus Facilities

The Institute has several buses operating from various parts of the city to the Campus. Separate bus facility is also available for students staying in Hostels located outside the Campus and in the City.