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Consultancy Program

Consultancy Program


We are pleased to launch an Consultancy Committee in AITS on 22nd July, 2020 with prime objectives to encourage the entrepreneurial culture among the young and dynamic professionals from initial stage of their curriculum so as to equip them with potentials to become as job provider rather than a job seeker. 


The members of the academic staff of the AITS should be permitted to engage themselves in Consultancy practice to such extent, which does not interfere with the discharge of their duties. The reasons being :


  • In many departments AITS offers expertise and a host of specialized facilities which can be used by academia and industry and is of mutual benefit. In addition it gives recognition to ARAVALI.
  • Consultancy/Sponsored Research projects provide enrichment of the experience and knowledge through interacting in the professional sphere. The Academics also get a chance of experimenting under actual service conditions.
  • Consultancy also provides an opportunity to students to see the sphere of their chosen profession.
  • It provides financial return (small or large) to ARAVALI, the faculty and the staff in general.

Consultancy Project Undergoing (Session 2021-22)

Sr. No. Organization Session Project Cost
(In Rs. Lacs)
1. Areta Animation Academy 01.08.2021 1.2
2. Vision College of Teacher’s Training 01.08.2021 2
3. Prime Scan 01.10.2021 1.15
4. Shubh Sangemarmar  Pvt. Ltd. 01.01.2021 4
5. Laxmi Education & Research Institute (LERI) 15.12.2021 4.25
6. Interface Studio 01.02.2022 1.5
7. Vedanshi College of Nursing 01.03.2022 1.5
8. Neerja Modi School 15.03.2022 1.5
9. SVA Chemical 06.05.2022 2