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About Department

Master of Computer Application

The MCA Department was established in the year 2013. The goal of the department is to establish state-of-the-art computing environment to develop competent computer programmers imbibed with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship.

The department has continuously upgraded the infrastructure according to changing needs of technological environment. Library is enriched with heaps of books and good collection of reputed International and National Journals, magazines, e-books.

Students learn following fundamental subjects

  • Different Computer Languages Including C, C++, JAVA, ASP.NET
  • Data & File Structures
  • Database Management System
  • Data Communication Techniques
  • Object Oriented Concepts & Programming
  • Computer Networks
  • Operating System
  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Computer Graphics & Multimedia

MCA branch is well established with modern Computer Laboratory facilities having computer available one to one per students. Internet facilities are available in separate Laboratory. MCA branch has qualified and experienced faculties. Class rooms are well equipped with overhead projector. Faculties are deputed to the industry to gain firsthand experience on industrial exposure which enhances the teaching capability of the faculty and allows them to enrich their classroom delivery.


The Department of MCA provides assurance of world class quality in resources & work culture. The constant merits in college results reflect its position among all the RTU affiliated Engineering colleges in Rajasthan.

The department has several tie-ups with companies of international repute to bridge the gap between university course curriculum and latest technologies, as it is a discipline where technologies and solution architectures change rapidly.

Data Structure Lab

Problems in “C / C++” using Data Structures involving arrays, stacks, queues, strings, linked lists, trees, graphs.

  • Using STACK to check matching left and right characters such as parentheses, curly braces and square brackets in a given string.
  • Single server queuing system and gathering statistics.
  • Operations on Stacks.
  • Sparse Matrices
  • Linear linked list implementation
  • Operations on Doubly Linked List and Circular List with a test application
  • Operations on Ordered Binary Trees.
  • Graph Traversal Techniques
  • Implementation of Quick sort, Merge sort and Heap sort
  • Operations on Binary Trees
  • Shortest Path Problem

Software Engineering Lab

Practical implementation of S/W Engineering Concepts, It also supports various S/w Development Models. Lab exercise involving development of various practical applications using software like

  • VB.NET
  • VC++
  • VB
  • JDK

Data Base Application Lab

This lab developed specially to focus and to learn the practical knowledge of DBMS. It is updated with new and recent technologies.

  • Exercises to be based on Mysql/Oracle/Postgres/VB/Power Builder/D2K.
  • Applications involving vendor development systems, stores management system, finance management etc.
  • Creation and querying of database tables.
  • Design of tables by Normalization and Dependency analysis.
  • Writing application software’s with host language interface.

Network programming Lab

This Lab is designed to aim for project work for final and pre final students. Practical work of computer network. This laboratory was then known as PC Lab. This lab caters to regular laboratory and project requirements of both B. Tech students of the department. The desktops and servers of the laboratory are installed with fedora 5 Operating Systems.

Programming Lab

This Lab is designed to aim for evaluate and to learn C / C++ / Java language.


Problems using

  • Functional programming techniques through C.
  • Object-oriented programming methods through C++/Java.
  • Logic programming techniques through C/C++.
  • Parallel programming techniques through C.

Language Lab

Communication plays a pivotal role in today’s dynamic technical environment. With growing competitiveness and globalization, communication becomes a critical component of one’s performance. AITS cater to this need and emphasizes on holistic personality development of students with attention towards development of communication skills. The institute has one of the finest language laboratories in Udaipur.

Internet Facility

The internet lab of the department is available for all students and staff of AITS. It consists of with all the relevant and required software exclusively for Internet working. The facility is forwarded to different departments for its easier accessibility. There is also Wi-Fi connection in college campus.