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Finance Secretary

Message from the Finance Secretary

Welcome to Aravali Institute of Technical Studies, a modern temple of learning where quality education is more than a philosophy. With an international exposure the various colleges were established with the aim of providing quality education in the field of management, technology, commerce and teachers’ training. We persistently seek and adopt innovative methods to improve the quality of education with the thought ” Sky in not the Limit”.

The faculty at Aravali Institute of Technical Studies represent an eclectic mix of Industry and Academic experience; national and international experiences. Under their guidance, we are confident to develop quality professionals and citizens capable of assisting in making India a developed nation and ultimately contributing towards improving the quality of life of our people. With steady steps, we continue our march ahead. We look forward to meeting you here at Aravali Institute of Technical Studies.

Amit Agrawal

BEng. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Management

The University of Manchester, U. K.