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Student Societies

Student Societies

Keeping in mind the overall growth of students, AITS established student chapters to provide an opportunity for our students to play a more active role in the Association and its professional activities. By encouraging student chapters on college campuses, we can able to introduce our students to the benefits of professional organization. These benefits include regular meetings that encourage and enhance learning through exchange of ideas among students as well as between established professionals and students. Members of a student chapter may also take advantage of the activities and services provided by AITS, including the lectureship program, student programming and tutorial contests, and the publications program. Student chapters provide an obvious setting for the development and demonstration of leadership capabilities. Finally, students find the various activities of AITS and its student chapters both professionally and socially exciting as well as rewarding.

Activities of the Students chapter

  • Organizing lectures by corporate members and others on the subject of Engineering Interest.
  • To organize Industrial training ,tours and visits to enhance technical knowledge of Students.
  • To organize Competitions on technical subjects including annual paper writing, Model building and Quiz competitions.
  • To organize technical Workshop and Seminar for the Students.

Need for Student chapter?

There are number of benefits available as a result of association with a AITS student chapter.

Industrial visits/Tours: Setting up a tour gives an opportunity to develop contacts as well as organizational skills.

There are number of benefits available as a result of association with a AITS student chapter.

Representation in the Association: A student chapter acting as a group, through the Chapters Advisory Committee, may influence AITS activities or policy and, therefore, the profession. </p>

Professional contacts: Activities of student chapters, such as lecturer appearances and chapter participation at any of the numerous conferences, gives the opportunity of our students to meet distinguished computing professionals.

Technical and professional growth: Participation in the programs consisting of papers, debates, panel discussions and forums provide clear opportunity for augmented learning and development.

Development of leadership capabilities: Opportunities for development and demonstration of leadership capabilities abound in the formation, growth, and sustenance of a student chapter. In addition to the various chapter offices, there are opportunities for chairing committees, conferences or symposia, organizing programming contests, coordinating professional development seminars.

Career development : The chapter can help its members select and prepare for a careers by creating a chapter newsletter, career-day programs, and graduate school forums. In addition, the student chapter can help locate and organize summer opportunities and internships by working with the department and career center to find and fill part-time and summer employment opportunities.

AITS student chapters

The Institution of Engineers India (IEI)

The Institution of Engineers (India) is the national organization for engineers in India. IEI has over 0.5 million members from 15 engineering disciplines in 99 centers or chapters in India and overseas; it is the largest multi-disciplinary engineering professio1nal society in the English-speaking world. It is currently headquartered in Kolkata. The mandate of IE is to “to promote and advance the science, practice and business of engineering in all its branches in India” and has been active on our campus since the year 2013. Students from all branches of Engineering are active members of the AITS chapter. Presently 114 AITS Students are lifetime member of the IEI Chapters.

The “Institutions of Engineers in India” Student Chapter inaugurated at AITS Campus. The president of the ceremony was Mr. P. S. Choondawat, Chairman, IEI, Udaipur and Chief guest was Dr. Dharam Singh, Chairman, CSI, Udaipur. Secretary Mr. N. L. Khetan and Finance Secretary Mr. Amit Agrawal, Aroma Education Society

Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIIE)

The Industrial Engineering discipline has been fostered and developed In our country by the Professional Institution, the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, founded as early as 1957. During the last five decades and more, the Institution has been consistently doing extensive and pioneering work in disseminating, fostering, developing and advancing the discipline and profession of Industrial Engineering in our country. Industrial Engineering provides the best means for evolving effective strategies and efficient means for meeting any challenge and giving a thrust for development. Industrial Engineer can play an important role in an organization for smoothly progressing transiting into medium term plans from short term plans and from medium term plans into long term plans. Total 87 Students from all branches of Engineering are active members of the Aravali chapter and 22 out of them were nominated as acting committee. The names are

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The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

Indian Society for Technical Education is a National, Professional nonprofit making society registered under the society registration act of 1860. Association of principles of Technical Institutions was transformed into the Indian society for Technical Education in 1968 with a view to broadens its activities to advance the cause of technological educations. As the creator and steward of the definitive education technology standards, ISTE’s mission is to empower learners to flourish in a connected world by cultivating a passionate professional learning community, linking educators and partners, leveraging knowledge and expertise, advocating for strategic policies, and continually improving learning and teaching. The “ISTE” Student Chapter is also established in AITS and playing an important role in contributing the welfare of AITS Students.

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